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ASUS C201 Chrombook Review – Laptop Under 200$

Latest power-packed laptop from ASUS, Chromebook C201 is an amazing laptop that you could count on to perform routine tasks effortlessly. This laptop turns on at the drop of a hat and loads data faster as you navigate through your favorite websites. It also packs a powerful battery which is expected to last for nearly 13 hours unplugged. Even my NOKIA 1100 failed to last for more than 10 hours, and a laptop with 13 hous of battery support demands special recognition. Sporting a superior chiclet keyboard and a well-laid out touchpad, this laptop is conceived to offers users ample space to type. This laptop is designed ergonomically and is portable so that you could carry it wherever you go. There is ample keyboard space and you would never feel restricted or kerbed when you are working with ASUS C201.


Analyzing the features, the all-new ASUS, Chromebook C201 is visually appealing and it is sleek and portable. It weighs less than two pounds and is thinner (measures only 0.7 inches).It brings to table the latest Rockchip 3288-C Quad-Core 1.8GHz processor which features 4GB RAM (which can vary across models), this is designed to give wings to your multitasking aspirations. You could easily switch from one application to another without any concerns.ASUS C201 11.6 Inch Chromebook

Chromebook C201 boasts of the highest performance 32bit Core and that too at an affordable rate. Graphics Processing Unit is also decent and it is sure to give the users best viewing experience and could even deal with 1080p videos in YouTube.  ASUS gives more attention to security aspect as it is well fortified by Trusted Platform Module (TPM).

It is also fuelled by the cutting-edge 802.11ac Wi-Fi, which helps the user to navigate across the web at lightning speed, which is almost thrice faster compared to 802.11n wireless transfer. 802.11ac is the latest and greatest wireless standard which is available right now. In that sense, we could easily perceive that the wireless technology that C201 offers is futuristic teamed up with remarkable wireless performance. One need to have 802.11ac router, if possible with 5GHz, to make the maximum out of this system. Worried if you have older wireless standard? Never mind Chromebook can still work fine with the system.

Frequent power outages will no longer bother you, as it comes with nearly 13 hours of battery life. Image quality is at its best with ASUS C201 as the videos and images are picture-perfect with the latest 1366*768 High Definition Display. Its slick finish render the picture clarity more vibrant. Team it up with ASUS-enhanced sound chambers, to immerse yourself in the ultimate audio experience. diligent

As with other low-budget laptops, ASUS C201 is also crafted out of plastic, which has helped it to reduce the size significantly. The plastic case is really flexible and is able to withstand pressure without fail.

Connectivity is also a core feature for ASUS C201 as it comes with an in-built micro HDMI and USB ports, SD card reader which takes the speed of data transfer to an all-new level. Looking for an upgrade or a bigger screen? You may connect the laptop through the HDMI port to a bigger display so that you could view the latest movies or give a terrific presentation in panache. You may store as much data as you wish, the in-built SD card reader backs almost 128 GB of data for additional storage.

ASUS C201 11.6 Inch ChromebookViewing angle is on the lower side, especially vertical viewing angle which might affect your viewing experience to a certain extent. Trackpad is crafted of plastic and it performs well compared to its costly competitors. ASUS C201 is loaded with features to allure the gaming aficionados, as it comes with plenty of apps so that you could experience top-notch gaming experience. Not to mention the admirable media control, it is a class-apart compared to its peers. Switch on the system and gain instant access to common applications like Youtube, Gmail, Drive etc. It also comes with a slew of offline apps so that you could still stay connected when you are on the move or there is no internet connectivity. The colors can be illustrated as a bit cold and inclined towards the blue end of the spectrum, however the overall display is good enough.

With the all-new Chromebook C201, there is no dearth of storage space – it offers as high as 100 GB storage space for its beloved users for two years so that you could save all images, views and documents. Speaking about the ports, the C201 offers a generous number of ports.  AC charger, MicroSD card slot, MicroHDMI port, two USB 2.0 ports and 3.5mm audio jack comes as standard so that user could relish seamless connectivity. However, it lacks Ethernet, USB3 and USB-C ports. LED backlighting is a feature that good appeal to many users and lure them into ASUS’ fold.

This laptop is based on Chrome OS and it has undergone radical changes ever since its inception. It is comparable to other mainstream OS and comes with taskbar, window management, notification centre and an app launcher so that user could make the most out of it. However, one need to perceive that a couple of apps are not compatible with Chrome OS. For instance, it doesn’t have iTunes, MS word and Skype ( though one could use an online version for MS word and the online version is in progress for Skype).

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  • Good battery life – almost 13 hours
  • Keyboard and trackpad is of good quality
  • Generous number of ports
  • LED backlighting

  • TN screen and viewing angle is less
  • Webcam could be enhanced


C201 is a budget laptop and it could serve as a trustworthy laptop for people from different walks of life. If you are looking for a laptop with longer battery life, power-packed performance and noiseless operation, give the new ASUS C201 a try. It would bring about miracles. You could easily carry around this PC without any trouble. The only constraint is Chrome OS, which demands some time to get acquainted with it. With ample touchpad real-estate and decent resolution, you could definitely make the most out of this nifty new gadget.

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8.5 Total Score

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